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"In this bright future you can't forget your past"

         A picture tells a story. A 4th generation Holden farm girl growing up in the 1950's with little more than a love for the soil, open space and a particular passion for horses. Oh yeah, and tractors too... 

         With deep roots of the family in the Holden area, Silveo Antinarella and his wife Amy, purchased their own first Holden farm in 1948 which remains in the family today. Starting out with a rickety farm and a tractor, Silveo instilled in his only daughter the old fashioned American values that with hard work, determination, self reliance and personal responsibility you can be anything you want to be. 

           In 1978 the Antinarellas purchased their second Holden farm. A 110 acre historic hillside property with overgrown fields and a long neglected dwelling. Silveo had visions though of a "Currier & Ives" setting and with hard work and long hours the family cleared the land and made significant improvements to the home. 

           Fast forward a few years, Nona Antinarella and her husband Phil Crowley built a small horse property on a subdivided plot of land on the east side of the farm and appropriately called it "East Hill Farm".

          In the early 1990's, after Silveo's passing, Nona and Phil sold their little farm and moved their operation to the original homestead carrying the East Hill Farm name with them. Over the years they have tried to expand on that dream of a "Currier & Ives" setting, never forgetting those early teachings of hard work, determination, self reliance and personal responsibility. Together they have turned the farm into what is today, East Hill Farm Riding Academy. A place in the sun for horses, many rescued from undesirable circumstances, and a place where people of all ages can find comfort. A place to relax, laugh and enjoy the company of a horse.

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